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Organic production of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Essential Oil extration

About us

We aim at producing Medical and Aromatic Plants in organic mode, as well as the extraction of their essencial oils.

We believe in a meticulous and high quality process to bring to you the very essence of nature through the production and processing of this type of plants.

We practice sustainable agriculture and use cutting-edge technology to extract the very best that Nature/Earth has to offer us.


Why Earth Essences? What makes us unique and different? Let us guide you and see for yourself:

- The mechanisation of production;

- The business dynamics in the Agro-industrial field;

- Our drive and interest in studying new plant species (openness to negotiate further partnerships and collaboration formats)

- Our products are organic and certified by SATIVA (licence nºAB2477UP)

- The quality and certification of our products;



Earth Essences gathers together seven stakeholders and two employees.

We believe in a constant optimisation of processes to create tangible value. We envision to stimulate and nurture research and thus develop/produce new products.

Our mission, from 2014 onwards, is to produce certified plants whilst resorting to environmental-friendly methods and processes, sustainable and fair agricultural practices and use the cutting-edge technologies.

Rita Trindade

Rita Trindade

John Doe

André Moreira


  • 2011
    • From the Idea to the Implemention
    • 2nd SPIN-UM Award
  • 2012
    • Company Formal Registration
    • Submission of the PRODER Projects
  • 2013
    • Approval of the PRODER Projects
    • Approval as a University of Minho SPIN-OFF
  • 2014
    • Artichoke pilot culture
    • Implementation of the PRODER Projects
  • 2015
    • Ongoing Execution of the PRODER Projects
    • Implementation of Cultures for essential oils


Earth Essences is headquartered in Freguesia de Vilela, Póvoa de Lanhoso, Braga, in the North-Western part of Portugal.

Should you wish to know more about us, we will always be delighted to guide you inside our company premises.

Marcar Visita

A process that offers you a high quality product



The whole process starts in our germination greenhouse. The use of certified seeds and the monitoring of the entire cycle of development and acclimatisation in our plants nurseries allows us to obtain healthy plantlets, which will produce, well established, resistant and high quality adult plants in due time.



The plantlets are placed on the ground with the same size, to ensure a uniform culture. A versatile planter, which fits each species, allows for a quick and efficient planting.



Once the culture matures and reaches the cutting size, it is harvested by means of a specifically designed machine for collecting the “good” and most valuable part of the plant. At this stage, we go through a first selection of the damaged material that does not meet our quality parameters.



At this phase, the plant biomass is cut by a machine specifically designed for this task. The cutting method increases the contact surface in order to facilitate the drying process. Moreover, we proceed to select all the material, in different sizes. We envisage to provide our end-costumer with a product of high quality, holding more tangible value and less possible waste.



The dried plant is achieved by means of a eco-friendly dryer that allows for a rigorous monitoring of the whole cycle. The temperature and relative humidity parameters are recorded for each batch and made available to our client.


Extraction of Essential Oils

Extraction of Essential Oils The extraction of oils resorts to the use of a unique technology that allows us to extract more liters of oil per unit of plant biomass. By using a low pressure, low temperature technology we are able to offer a product of high-quality, ensuring an above-average degree of purity.



The products are packed according to the customer’s specifications. We are equipped to provide plant dry biomass in the form of compressed bales, or packed in bins that can vary from a few grams up to tens of kg. Essential oils do also mirror this flexible method, with an additional concern in storing oils in duly certified packaging.

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